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Bicycle Accident
in Sacramento

Because of California’s beautiful weather, we see our share of cyclists on the road. While some are training for long-distance competitions, others are enjoying an afternoon ride with family and friends or else commuting to work or school. Sadly, the motorists who share the road with cyclists frequently fail to consider their safety needs. Instead, they drive negligently or recklessly and harm our fellow citizens riding on two wheels.

Bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles often send cyclists to the hospital. Even wearing a helmet is no guarantee that you will not spend months in bed recuperating from a devastating injury. For more information about whether you can bring a claim for compensation, contact a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento today.

Bicycle Accidents & Injuries

Any cyclist is aware of the dangers of the road. Some motorists fly by a little too close to comfort, or they fail to see a cyclist at all and pull directly in front of them. Our firm has represented men, women, and children injured in all sorts of cycling accidents:

  • Open door accidents. Someone in a car parked near the curb will open their door without checking to see if a cyclist is coming up behind them. A cyclist who hits the door usually flies off their bike, injuring any body part they land on.
  • Left-turn collisions. A motorist making a left-hand turn might not see a cyclist coming through an intersection and slam into them. These accidents often cause fractures, neck injuries, and head injuries.
  • Rear-end collision. A cyclist stopping at a light or stop sign is vulnerable to a motorist who fails to brake in time. The cyclist can be thrown forward off the bike and suffer facial injuries, abrasions, and fractures.
  • Open road accidents. Many motorists drive too closely to cyclists. The risk of swiping them is very high. A cyclist pushed into the ditch can suffer multiple traumatic injuries to their body.
  • Head-on crashes. A motorist might swerve over the center line and strike a cyclist. Some reasons include fatigue, intoxication, or distraction. A head-on collision is the most dangerous type of crash and can lead to death.

Bicycle injuries tend to be more serious than any seen following a car crash. A bicycle provides absolutely no protection to the frail human body, which can suffer a direct blow from a car or truck.

What to Do Following a Bicycle Accident

Our Sacramento bicycle accident attorney recommends that injured cyclists call the police whenever they are involved in a crash. The police should respond to the call and come to fill out a police report. You will want a copy of the report for your records.

Collect helpful information at the scene. You will want the registration and insurance for the driver who hit you. Also, get this person’s name and license plate number. If they immediately hit the gas after striking you, remember as much of the vehicle as you can.

If anyone stopped who witnessed the accident, jot down their name. These people can provide testimony later about who caused the accident.

Also, seek immediate medical attention. This will document your injury and establish a link between the wreck and your damages.

How the Law Office of Brian P. Azemika Can Help

The primary goal of a personal injury claim is to receive money to make up for the crash. Fair compensation should cover a range of losses cyclists suffer, such as:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Inconvenience

Because of California’s comparative negligence law, many motorists quickly point the finger at the cyclist they hit. In fact, they might claim that you were the one to cross the centerline or fail to see that a door was open in time to swerve out of the way. Any fault on the part of the cyclist will reduce his or her compensation, so it is critical to respond to these charges.

Our legal team will fully analyze the accident. Using diagrams, witness statements, and medical records, we can show how the accident actually unfolded. Once we place the accident in its proper perspective, anyone objectively will see that the driver bears most of the fault for the crash.

Give Us a Call

Our office can negotiate a settlement for you or even file a lawsuit if settlement negotiations hit a wall. Please call or send us an online message to set up a time to meet. California provides that injured victims must promptly file personal injury claims, so please avoid delay.