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Slip and Fall Accident
in Roseville

Roseville Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

A slip and fall can turn your world upside down in more ways than one. One minute you are entering a grocery store, post office, or business. Next, you are lying on your back in obvious pain.

When property owners fail to maintain their properties, they become liable to anyone injured in a slip and fall accident. Bringing a claim for compensation is not easy, however. There are many hurdles along the way, and injured victims would do well to reach out to a Roseville slip and fall accident attorney today to review their case.

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Slip and Falls Cause Painful Injuries

Regardless of your age, anyone can suffer a painful injury when they fall. These injuries often keep people out of work or school for months as they try to rehabilitate the injury. Some of the more serious injuries include:

  • Fractures. Any bone could break when a person lands, but most commonly victims break an arm, hip, or collarbone. The elderly, in particular, can suffer hip damage in a fall. Fractures have many complications. A broken bone might slice nearby nerves or arteries, leading to pain or bleeding.
  • Concussions. A person can suffer a concussion when they strike their head on the ground. In serious accidents, they might black out for a minute or two. Concussions can lead to headaches, confusion, and impairments with speech, mood, or balance.
  • Shoulder injury. If you land on your shoulder, you could dislocate it or damage some of the soft tissue, causing pain and swelling.
  • Back injuries. A person can injure their back when they land or while trying to wrench their body to avoid the fall. Back injuries lead to near constant pain and can be very difficult to rehab.
  • Spinal injuries. A blow to the spinal column can lead to many problems, such as hairline cracks or dislocated discs. Other injuries are degenerative, meaning they will worsen over time.

Property Owner Liability for a Slip and Fall

California law is very clear that those who own or control property must use “ordinary care” to keep the property safe. This does not mean that property owners must do everything humanly possible to keep people from slipping and falling. However, it does mean that they must make reasonable efforts not to create hazards and they must reasonably fix any hazard they know about. In many cases, an owner must also inspect their property at reasonable intervals to discover hidden defects which could injure someone.

Unfortunately, many defendants are lax when it comes to maintenance. This is also true of business owners. They allow some hazard to increase the risk that a visitor will slip and fall, such as:

  • Worn carpeting
  • Cracked or broken steps
  • Missing bannisters
  • Poor lighting
  • Condensation
  • Spill liquids
  • Litter
  • Ice
  • Wet leaves

Some hazards occur naturally, like leaves torn from a tree during a storm. But others might be created by the property owner. For example, someone who mops their floors during business hours should warn visitors that the floors are wet.

One question which arises is whether the owner knows of the hazard. For example, it might be created by another visitor, such as a customer in a grocery store who drops a gallon of milk. Under the law, property owners don’t need actual knowledge. It’s enough that they “should” know a hazard exists if it occurs regularly or if a reasonable owner would have discovered it.

Let Our Roseville Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Help You

Some people imagine they can negotiate a claim on their own. However, this is a mistake. Many defendants would like nothing better than for someone to be unrepresented by a lawyer. It is often difficult to obtain fair compensation, so a seasoned attorney by your side is a big asset.

As part of our services, we can:

  • Collect evidence. We might bolster a case by searching for security video of the accident, or we will gather evidence to show the full extent of your injuries.
  • File paperwork. We can submit a claim for compensation with the defendant and even file a lawsuit to protect your rights.
  • Negotiate with the defendant. There is a definite art to negotiation. Few defendants make fair settlement offers initially. Instead, we need to negotiate to increase the amount offered.
  • Review settlement offers. Every settlement comes with a release of liability, and we ensure that it is fair and not too broad. We also review how the settlement will be paid out.
  • Litigate a case. If settlement is impossible, we can represent you in a lawsuit in court.

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