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Auto Accident – Police Accident

Client who was 10 weeks pregnant was struck by a police cruiser that failed to engage it’s siren and lights before entering an intersection at a high rate of speed in pursuit of another automobile. The client’s vehicle sustained major damage, and the client sustained serious injuries, including to her abdomen. As a result of her injuries, she went into premature labor, and her child remained in the NICU for several months. The minor child suffered significant health issues as a result of being born premature.


Contested Fault Auto Accident–Shoulder Injury

Client was struck by a charter bus while making a left turn. Both sides claimed they had the green light. Client sustained a shoulder injury that required two surgeries over a six year period. Mr. Azemika took the case to trial, because the defendant denied fault. Defendant made a small offer to settle on the first day of trial, but Mr. Azemika pushed forward with trial, and he was able to attain a verdict of $400,000.00 from the Amador County Superior Court jury.


Homeowner/Premises Liability–Wrongful Death

1-year old child strikes his head and drowns in a pond in the backyard of a home in Bakersfield, California. Mr. Azemika was able to successfully settle a claim against the homeowner’s insurance policy for the entirety of the available policy limits due to the homeowner’s negligence while watching over the child. Mr. Azemika was able to secure this settlement despite the insurance company denying liability for the tragic incident.


Trucking Accident–Low Back Injury

Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck in the rear by a construction company truck. He suffered a low back injury requiring significant care. Through mediation, Mr. Azemika was able to attain a substantial settlement for his client.


Premises Liability–Neck and Low Back Injury with Traumatic Brain Injury

While on Defendant’s property, Client was struck in the head by a canopy that was caught in the wind and lifted into the air. He sustained neck and low back injuries, as well as a traumatic brain injury. The property owner’s insurance company denied responsibility and blamed all of Client’s spinal injuries on his age. Mr. Azemika filed suit and proceeded through litigation, and he was able to attain a significant settlement at mediation on behalf of his client.


Homeowner/Premises Liability–Head and Neck Injuries

Client was cooking in the kitchen of a home she was renting. While cooking, a kitchen cabinet came loose from the wall and struck her head and neck. The home owners denied responsibility. With the help of his experts, Mr. Azemika was able to settle the matter after intense litigation regarding liability.


Slip and Fall Accident–Broken Leg

Client slipped and fell due to unsafe conditions in the parking lot of a national franchise restaurant sustaining major injuries. Through litigation, Mr. Azemika was able to secure a substantial settlement for his client.


Pedestrian vs. Car Accident–Broken Leg

Client was walking on the sidewalk, when a vehicle in a driveway suddenly backed out and struck him, causing him to break his leg. Mr. Azemika was able to negotiate a swift and substantial settlement on behalf of his client.


Car Accident–Shoulder Injury

Client’s vehicle was struck from the rear and he re-injured a shoulder which had undergone a previous surgical procedure. Mr. Azemika was able to negotiate a policy limit settlement on behalf of his client.


Car Accident–Facial Scar

Client was hit in the head by an object that was dislodged during a t-bone accident. She sustained a laceration to her head, requiring stitching. The injury turned into a permanent scar. The insurance company refused to offer their policy limits of $100,000.00, arguing that her injuries were minor and her medical bills were insignificant. Mr. Azemika filed a lawsuit in the matter and fought for his client through litigation, until he was able to get the insurance company to offer their policy limits.


Dog Bite–Scar to Forearm

Client was walking his dog, when a neighbor’s dog got loose and attacked his dog. He attempted to separate the two dogs and was bitten on his forearm in the process. Despite minimal scarring and minor medical expenses, Mr. Azemika was able to attain a significant settlement for his client.


Car Accident–Broken Ankle

Client was struck by a vehicle head-on, causing him to break his left ankle. The Defendant driver only had a California minimum policy limit of $15,000.00. However, Mr. Azemika investigated further and determined that the driver may have been in the course and scope of his employment at the time of accident, because he was being paid for his travel to and from his workplace. After litigating the course and scope issue, Mr. Azemika was able to secure additional settlement funds, exceeding $500,000.00, from the employer’s insurance carrier.