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Car Accident
in Natomas

Car accidents happen almost every day in the Sacramento area, and each accident victim has a story. Maybe you were blindsided at an intersection by a drunk driver, or were rear-ended while picking up groceries. Regardless of how you were injured, you suddenly feel intense pain and financial stress.

Our law firm is committed to helping people like you bring car accident claims. California requires that motorists carry liability coverage, and we can typically file a claim on the at-fault driver’s policy. Please contact the Law Office of Brian P. Azemika for assistance. A Sacramento car accident lawyer is an excellent asset to have as you seek financial compensation from another driver.

“Once you’re in a safe spot following an accident, make sure to exchange insurance information and driver’s license information. It is easy to simply take pictures of the other driver’s license, registration, and insurance card for future reference.”

Brian P. Azemika, Natomas Car Accident Attorney

How Were You Injured?

Car Accidents can occur in different ways and under a variety of circumstances. Our car accident attorney is prepared to help anyone injured in the following types of motor vehicle accidents:

  • Side-impact collisions
  • Single vehicle accidents
  • Rollovers
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Head-on car accidents
  • Intersection accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Hit-and-run collisions
  • Pileups
  • Rideshare car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Pedestrian accidents

Can You Receive Compensation for a Car Accident in Natomas?

Our legal team has helped countless men and women get the financial compensation they need to move on productively after a devastating accident. We can negotiate a settlement to cover:

Medical bills to treat your car accident injuries

Medical care includes doctor’s visits, surgery, hospital visits, specialist visits, prescription medication, assistive devices, rehab, and more. Expenses can get every high if you suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Property damage, such as damage to your vehicle

Many cars are destroyed in a crash or need thousands of dollars of repairs. You should have the at-fault motorist pay for these repairs.

Lost wages or income

Your injuries might make it impossible to get into work, so you deserve compensation to make up for a drop in income.

Pain and suffering

Bodily injuries cause immense bodily pain. This suffering is hard to calculate, but you deserve the most available under law.

In some cases, we might even pursue exemplary damages when the other driver was grossly negligent. These damages punish the defendant for being more than merely careless.

California Car Accident Laws

To obtain compensation, it is critical to understand some of the important laws regarding car accidents: 

Mandatory Reporting

You must report a car accident to law enforcement. Avoid delay; in fact, we recommend calling from the scene so an officer can come out and write up a crash report.

Comparative Negligence

Often, both drivers are at least partly to blame for the collision. You can still sue, but your damages are reduced in a proportionate manner to your share of fault. Someone who is 70% at fault will only receive 30% of their damages (at most).

“No Pay, No Play” Law

If you don’t have car insurance, the state limits the compensation you can receive. You will qualify for economic losses like car damage, medical bills, and lost income. But you won’t receive anything for pain and suffering.

Minimum Liability Coverage

Many drivers carry only the minimum required liability coverage. As of 2024, the minimum is only $15,000 per injured person, with $5,000 for property damage. If your losses exceed this amount, it might be harder to receive full compensation.

Statute of limitations

Most of our car accident cases settle, but there are times where we need to file a lawsuit. A car accident victim gets only 2 years from the day of the collision to file a personal injury claim in court. Should you go past this deadline, then you can lose the ability to sue at all.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Strengthen Your Claim

Accident victims are often in too much pain to really understand the process for obtaining compensation. Fortunately, you can hire a seasoned legal advocate to represent you. The Sacramento car accident lawyers at the Law Office of Brian P. Azemika have served as legal counsel for hundreds of victims of car accidents over the years.

Here are the primary benefits of hiring an experienced car accident attorney to represent you: 

  • Reduced stress, which allows you to emotionally focus on recovering from your injuries;
  • Answers to your questions about the personal injury claim process;
  • Assistance documenting your economic losses (like lost income) and pain and suffering;
  • Analysis of who to sue for compensation, as well as how to prove they are mostly to blame for the accident;
  • Top-shelf legal advocacy, including negotiating a settlement for your injuries;
  • Litigation to obtain compensation when negotiation falters.

Our car accident attorneys have obtained millions of dollars for accident victims like you. We will gladly explain more in a free consultation.

Mistakes to Avoid after a Wreck

We have seen victims make damaging mistakes following a crash. These mistakes end up costing them time and money, and they could easily end up with no compensation. Please take some advice from a car accident lawyer and avoid the following:

Do not admit fault for the accident. 

As you stand around for the cops to arrive, you might be tempted to apologize. Remember, any fault will reduce the compensation.

Avoid giving a recorded statement to an insurance company.

They are probably fishing for information to use in negotiations. For example, they might try to get you to admit to driving while distracted. Instead, hold off on answering their questions until you hire a Natomas auto accident lawyer.

Never self-diagnose your injuries. 

You should go to the hospital to receive medical treatment. Online information is not sufficient, and you could undermine your car accident claim.

Avoid discussing your accident on social media. 

The insurance company can find your profile and try to mine it for information. Put all profiles private.

Do not wait too long to call a car accident lawyer. 

The sooner you call, the better your odds of a favorable car accident settlement.

Connect with a Natomas Car Accident Lawyer at Our Firm

The Law Office of Brian P. Azemika is accepting new clients. If you were injured in a car accident, please call our law firm. In a consultation, we can review your memories of the accident and discuss your injuries in greater depth. Based on what we hear, we might recommend that you file a personal injury claim or even a lawsuit. Contact us to get started on your case.