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Which Trucking Company Has the Most Accidents in California?

California is a popular destination for large trucks like tractor-trailers, which haul goods. Trucks originate from every other state in the union; some even come from Mexico. As California motorists, we must be careful of any large vehicle on the road regardless of where it came from.

According to the Department of Transportation, California saw the following truck accidents and injuries in 2022:

  • 13,570 crashes involving 14,616 trucks
  • 481 fatalities
  • 5,500 injuries

Unfortunately, the Department does not break down which trucking company was involved in most of the accidents. Still, most large trucking companies come into California and are undoubtedly interested in many collisions.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

It’s no surprise that UPS experiences a high number of accidents. They are one of the country’s most famous shipping and receiving companies. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regularly updates crash statistics for the largest trucking companies, and from June 2021 to June 2023, UPS experienced the following:

  • 2871 total crashes
  • 1003 injury crashes
  • 66 fatal accidents

That works out to 5 fatal accidents every single month. Almost 100 people are injured every month in a collision with a UPS truck.

We don’t know how many of these accidents happened in California. But since we see UPS “box trucks” all over the place making deliveries, many of them probably occurred in the Golden State.

Federal Express

Like UPS, FedEx is a popular shipping and receiving company with a significant presence in California. According to the most up-to-date statistics, FedEx has had the following accidents and injuries over the past two years:

  • 817 total crashes
  • 230 injury crashes
  • 31 fatal accidents

These numbers might be a little low since FedEx has multiple companies all reporting individual crash statistics under different names. We estimate they are involved in more than 1,000 collisions a year.

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation is one of the most popular trucking companies in the United States. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, their rigs are regularly on California highways. Swift Transportation has reported many accidents in the most recent two-year period:

  • 992 total accidents
  • 288 injury accidents
  • 36 fatal accidents

Werner Enterprises

This trucking company is headquartered in Nebraska and runs its fleet all over the U.S. Over the past two years, they have reported:

  • 904 total accidents
  • 261 injury crashes
  • 23 fatal crashes

California Truck Accident Victims Have Rights

Please call the Law Office of Brian P. Azemika today, regardless of which truck struck you. You can seek compensation from a truck driver and their employer. These companies have insurance, a prerequisite to haul into California.

Whether you were hit by a big rig on the highway or clipped by a box truck downtown, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Call our law firm for more information about what steps to take following an accident. We can negotiate with a truck company and its insurer for favorable compensation. Call to schedule a case evaluation.